The new Unigas branding and logo is centered around the history of Unigas and refocusing on our core values. The original Unigas logo was represented on the funnels of the fleet, something we wanted to repeat in our new branding and emphasizing our ‘one company’ approach. By incorporating the shape of a vessel and the wake lines within our logo establish a visible link to business whilst highlighting our new ‘wake’ initiative towards sustainability. The new logo is a respectful ‘tip of the hat’ to our history, connecting once more with the vessels and seafarers onboard who in the last years have helped keep the world turning through times of pandemic at great sacrifice to themselves and their families. By returning to the ‘U’ from Unigas we also acknowledge our culture and spirit of service, focusing on the principals of acting with others in your foresight, so at Unigas we truly believe “it’s all about U”.


Logo Evo2


Unigas Flag Low