We Are Unigas

Founded in 1969, Unigas has more than 50 years experience in the safe carriage of Gas cargoes for our valued customers. Known for quality, integrity and professional service levels, Unigas has historic bonds with the worlds leading Chemical and Gas companies and a reputation for delivering with a personal touch.

Unigas and it’s Partners are regarded amongst the early pioneers in the Gas industry and renowned for the highest technical and safety standards which form an integral part of today’s service offering. Through the years, our business has evolved alongside our customers to become ever cleaner and more efficient. Committed to a sustainable shipping model in the nearest possible future, our fleet of modern Ethylene and Semi Ref carriers service the more sophisticated trades carrying high value petrochemicals to be used in production of plastics.

Through our ‘Wake’ initiative (what we leave behind) the people within Unigas are working hard to put our technical experience to good use. Through partnerships, collaborations and digital evolution we are committed to offering solutions to our customers which will help close the loop and contribute to a circular economy with a sustainable shipping model for years to come.

We are committed to providing the best working environment to our people, along with a culture of inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities. We firmly believe that caring for others is the key to our futures, so at Unigas it truly is all about…



Founded June 4th 1969 as B.V. United Gas Carriers, under the trading name “Unigas international” With Mr. Roland Hautefeuille as General Manager, opening it’s doors on 15th July at Westplein Rotterdam.


8 vessels performed 114 voyages transporting 95,364 mtons.


Mr. Hautefeuille resigned and was replaced by Mr. Henk Ram as Managing Director. Unigas also moved HQ to Leuveflat on Schiedamsedijk in Rotterdam 20 vessels performed 712 voyages transporting 831,983 mtons.


Due to a fire on Schiedamsedijk in the summer of 1978, Unigas was forced to move to Grotiushuis at Westblaak, 6th floor. By the end of that year, although the fleet remained at 22 vessels, 941 voyages were performed, transporting 1,233,142 mtons.


M.v. Sunny Lady at 6,600 cbm, became the largest vessel in the Pool when delivered in 1981, and together with the entry of Othello Shipping with five vessels, the fleet increased to 32 units.


The Pool’s two ethylene carriers m.v. Heriot (2,400 cbm) and m.v. Melrose (2,750 cbm) were now fully employed carrying ethylene from Baglan Bay (South Wales) to Moerdijk. This involved the vessels sitting on the riverbed during loading, and resulted in considerable damage to the vessels’ hulls. Through the years, adjustments were made to the vessels and a layerage was constructed at the jetty to improve the operation. Thanks to the excellent relationship between Unigas’ and BP Chemicals’ Technical Departments, a real success story was developed. Eventually vessels with “special bottoms” were constructed to withstand the Baglan Bay conditions. M.v. Sunny Girl (4,200 cbm) and m.v. Tarquin Trader (4,200 cbm) were introduced in 1989.


Unigas celebrated its 20th anniversary in July with a large party for hundreds of guests in a tv / film studio in Aalsmeer. With the delivery of m.v. Teviot, the fleet increased to 30 vessels and the 2 million tonne mark was exceeded.


Henk Ram retired from the position of Managing Director, succeeded by Mr George Doughtie.

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Othello Shipping / Ultragas became full Pool Member, changing the names of the vessels from “Sunny” to “Happy” and the start of a very pleasant relationship.


The fleet was 23 vessels with the Consortium handled just under 2 million tonnes.
An agreement was made for Bernard Schulte to join the Consortium and three Schulte vessels joined the Pool in 1999. 


Unigas entered the pressurised gas shipping market with the acquisition of a fleet of 9 x 3,200 cbm vessels and shareholding in an operating company in Hong Kong. This operation continued to expand and by 2012, 12 - 14 vessels were being operated from our Hong Kong premises. 


Ian Woolley retired, succeeded by our current Managing Director and group CEO Alex Graham


Unigas OfficeAfter 40 years in the Grotiushuis on Westblaak in Rotterdam, Unigas moved to new offices on Blaak 555 in Rotterdam.