The Wake Initiative


The wake of a ship is what it leaves behind, and also the idea behind how we approach sustainability. By First understanding what we leave behind we believe we can better navigate a course to a sustainable shipping model in the future, and through digital evolution Unigas is investing heavily towards mapping out that course …


As a big first step within this initiative, we have recently announced the development of a new digital platform concept called ‘Compass’. The Unigas Compass platform aims to be a go to window for employees, customers, partners, technical managers, and the vessels themselves to interface. For the vessel module we have selected MariApps as a developing partner for the building of tailormade data collection, visualization, and analytic elements. Based on MariApps' existing smartPAL solution, the new program will build upon and introduce new elements and innovations aimed to improve real-time reporting and unlock optimization opportunities across the Unigas fleet, supporting vessel and shore-based staff with tools for making data-driven decisions. The development of the ‘Unigas Compass’ is an exciting step for us all on this journey, as digital evolution is critical to our commitment to offering more sustainable shipping solutions to our customers. Visualizing our impact is a critical building block to unlocking improvements and affecting real change, by working closely with our customers and industry peers we can make shipping a more sustainable and circular model


Did you know that shipping is already the lowest emitting form of transport?


With regards to emissions Shipping is 3 times more efficient than rail and 19.5 times more efficient than road transport by gCO2 per tkm


1 Full Cargo of Ethylene onboard our Happy Avocet replaces 458 trucks or about 7 trains!


Through the science built into our highly specialized vessels, adding pressure and cooling cargoes to -104 degrees C the liquid gas we carry inside our Happy Avocet would be a gas at normal temperatures of 20 deg C, and the equivalent to 2,300 Olympic Swimming Pools, or 479 large hot air balloons!



Unigas Blue

At Unigas we are looking to raise the bar when it comes to lowering our impact and are working hard behind the scenes to develop new and exciting steps towards zero impact, sustainable and circular shipping models.

Watch this space!